Published: 01/12/2011
ISBN: 9781848768024
eISBN: 9781780889146
Format: Paperback/eBook

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La'Toya lives and works in London. She studied at the University of the Arts London where she gained a BA (Hons) in Media & Cultural Studies. She has taken her passion for writing to the next level an... read more

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Money over everything
by La'Toya Makanjuola

‘I love Cameron, I really do. Initially I admit it was all about the money and the bling but I have grown to love him. Commitment has always been a shaky area for me, but with Cam I couldn’t circumvent it. All of a sudden I couldn’t wait till I was his wife. However...’

Meet Assariyah Jones, a young, extremely beautiful and spoilt girl. ‘Money over everything’ is the mantra she swears by. Whilst at a party, Assariyah and her best friend Jasmina meet wealthy businessman Cameron Simmons. Jasmina likes Cameron, but when Assariyah finds out that he’s loaded, she throws all friendship codes – and morals – out of the window. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants, regardless of who she hurts.

Assariyah’s spoilt nature has come from a harsh past. Having experienced an impoverished life after the death of her father and dealing with broke guys, she refuses to settle for anyone who cannot provide her with the materialistic things she craves. Money, sex, drugs, fast cars, labels and even more money controls Assariyah’s life, leading her to a downward spiral. As her story unfolds, we see her softer, vulnerable side – the side of her that just wants to be loved, love and start a family. But secrets from her childhood have left her deeply scarred and unable to commit fully to a relationship. Will Assariyah learn that the most valuable things in the world come without a price tag, before it is too late?

A fast-paced, dramatic novel that will appeal to chick-lit fans, Assariyah: Money Over Everything will keep you guessing until the end.

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"There is something about Assariyah which makes her addictive, you want to understand her, you want to look at the reasons why she makes the decisions she does. Although, she is only fictional, her life, her experiences and her journey feels real and this is down to the talent of the book’s author. I can only describe this novel as being of ‘sheer brilliance’, an amazing debut and a story that you will not want to end." - Sasha Shantel (Editor of In-spirels Magazine)

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Powerful and heartbreaking, raunchy and desciptive. It was very hard to put down as I wanted to know what happened next. You really get a feel of the pain Assariyah goes through.

by Bec

Loved the book couldn't put it down.
Enjoyed how descriptive the sex scenes were.
Loved Assariyah at times I loved her and hated her.

by Shin


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