Published: 01/11/2011
ISBN: 9781848767331
Format: Paperback

“What a stunning story! I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. A great historical story, so well researched.”
Veronica Way, Librarian at St. Dunstans more

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In 1967, considering herself to be destined for a life of mediocrity, Barbara Spencer hi-tailed it to the West Indies to watch cricket, the precursor to a highly colourful career spanning three contin... read more

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Time Breaking
Love and Time - the best of friends, the bitterest of enemies
by Barbara Spencer

Fifteen-year-old Molly is gauche and awkwardly tall, a great disappointment to her parents who only have time for their careers. Constantly at loggerheads because Molly is determined to become a swimmer, the family go to stay in a 17th century manor house now used as a religious retreat. Inadvertently, Molly triggers a time-chute and reappears in 1648, at the end of the Civil War, to find she has taken the place of Molly Hampton, the eldest daughter in a Puritan family. After suffering a beating, an entire morning spent in chapel, a smelly privy, a muddy farmyard, and cold water to wash in, Molly labels the seventeenth century “barbaric” and is hell-bent on escaping back to her own life. But the manor house belongs to Sir Richard Blaisdale, a Royalist family, and is barred to her.

Forced to continue with the charade, Molly meets Richard, supposedly her best friend, only to find herself falling in love with him. Gradually, Molly begins to change her mind believing that she can stay and take Molly Hampton's place – little realising that danger and disaster lie in wait for her...

Time Breaking, the latest riveting offer from author Barbara Spencer, is written for young adults aged 12 -16.

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"I decided long ago that you can either be cowed by the absurdities of life or lampoon them."

My love affair with both life and words began in 1969, when ‘Fashion’ Magazine paid me the goodly sum of £25 to write an article about travel. Other articles followed and from these humble beginnings came children’s books, full of rib-tickling humour and scintillating action.
However, my desire to wax lyrical about the absurdity of life remained and whilst journeying by train to some far distant school or to a signing at Waterstones, I began scribbling down my thoughts. Blogs, anecdotes and short stories followed. Now, of an age to remember the past, I thought, why not? There has to be heaps of people around like me … well, not exactly like me but near enough to enjoy and remember how life once was.

Age and the Antique Sideboard will be published in August 2017.

The School Librarian

Female First

Lost In Fiction,

The Self Publishing Magazine, Spring 2012

Basically Books,, February 2012

Magic of Reading,, January 2012

Miss Spencer strikes again with an incredible story that will pull you in and not let you go. This woman deserves way more recognition than she gets for her superb story-telling, and she's a wonderful lady as well (I've met her and have a signed copy of 'Running', another of her novels). So I'm starting my review by saying: READ THIS! Especially if you love historical fiction/fantasy/time-travel.

The descriptions and realism alone make this book a stand out and once you add the emotions and romance it becomes a very difficult book to put down. I felt every pain that Molly felt, her frustration, her indecision and ultimately how she came to terms with her life and her plans for the future.
Molly's relationship with Richard was refreshingly different among the many romances for young adults in existence today and I found her independent streak, though it caused her a lot of trouble, to be much more appealing than if she'd taken the easy route.

Perhaps one of the things that affected me the most was the relationship between Molly and her family. I hate a certain member of that family and just thinking about how enclosed Molly must have felt (both the Molly from our time and the Molly from the past time) is enough to make me feel very claustrophobic. And the parallels that can be drawn between the two Molly's and their families (though for different reasons) is very eerie.

There is one particular revelation that left me feeling like my stomach had dropped a foot, due to the fact it was a 'my god, did that really happen?!' moment. It was so unexpected and so heart-wrenching. Will Molly stay with Richard, will she go home? All I will say is prepare to be taken on many twists and turns and be confronted with a few 'I never saw that coming!' moments.

I really can't praise this book enough. Time Breaking is a stellar example of historical fiction, unputdownable, emotional and it just plain blew me away. Wow.

by The Magic of Reading


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