Published: 01/08/2011
eISBN: 9781848768833
Format: eBook

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The Four Significant Winter Nights anthology is a result of Mother, Mali Klein and son, Gabriel Stroud working together. Gabriel grew up with horses, while Mali spent more than fourteen years owning v... read more

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First Night
The Gift & The Sacrifice
by Gabriel J Klein

‘I will not fail! There will be no World’s Ending! We will defy Ragna Rök!’

This is the first book of the The Four Significant Winter Nights series. The destiny of humanity has yet to be assured. Skuld, the Fate-spinner of the Future, is both Norn and Valkyr before who even the High One, All-Father of gods and men, must bow. Twenty-nine runes he granted to humankind; three he kept hidden. Skuld has decreed that only the gift of these last three, the Great Runes of the Deathless, can ensure the survival of humankind...

Not all is as it seems within the ancient fief of Meane Manor. Eccentric recluse, Sir Jonas Pring, is Master of the century-old, secret brotherhood, the Guardians of the Runes of the Deathless. When one of the fabled Galdramerar, the grey mares favoured by the Valkyrs, is born to the best of his broodmares, he is convinced that he is the chosen warrior, destined to win the Great Runes. But time and age are against him. The filly, Kyri, forms an enduring attachment with thirteen-year-old Caz Wylde and Sir Jonas accepts Caz as his successor and teaches him all he knows about the runes and the God who rules them. But Caz has ideas of his own, and they are soon locked into a bitter rivalry that will divide the Guardians and threaten their loyalty to the Oath of Allegiance. When Caz discovers why his beloved mares have been bred, he realizes he must fight to save them.

With the help of Kyri and her mother Bryn, Caz’s favourite horse, he wins the first of the Great Runes. But for every gift the God demands payment; the greater the gift, the greater the sacrifice that must be made in return...

This anthology explores the time-honoured themes of love, life, death and retribution solidly grounded into everyday 21st century life. It marries the mysteries of quantum theory with established myth and will appeal to teen readers who have a passion for fantasy fiction and horses.

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‘I’m trying to work out what it is that is so captivating but at the same time so unsettling. It got to me – not many books do that.’

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