Published: 15/04/2004
ISBN: 9781904744146
eISBN: 9781904744146
Format: Paperback/eBook

"Intense and articulate... the most fascinating aspects of this vivid narrative are the details and description of Delphi and its sacred Oracle"
Dawn Newspaper, Pakistan more

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A joyful, free ranging childhood in a small estuary town and long holidays in a remote woodland cottage gave her unforgettable and useful experience. Later, as the teaching head of an under resourced... read more

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Dream Thoughts
by Margarett Mirley

A company of settlers nervously approach the ancient Greek colony of Massalia in Gaul. Far from their homeland and a very different life, they consider their options – led by Ipheghenia, a High Priestess of Delphi, and her husband Phyldatus, they must either adapt to colonial life, or seek fresh challenge in the unknown wilds beyond.

Before the first night is out, Ipheghenia is dismayed by the temple cult’s expectations of her, Phyldatus by hints of unrest, and everyone by the challenge of Cleuenos, a dynamic tribal chief who questions their right to settle.

While the interior attracts, to explore further they must trust the tribes – but others are also seeking them out. Someone, somewhere, is playing false. Should they put their trust in Cleuenos? He is more than he first appears – as is Ipheghenia – and both have veiled intent and their own personal trials.

Following The Leave-Takers, in this the second tale of the epic ‘Journey into Eta’ trilogy, the spirited company come into their own with opportunity to make independent fresh lives. Though the old bonds hold strong, they must now prepare to face and survive the challenges ahead to meet their own desires and expectations of a better life.

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The three novels of the Journey into Eta trilogy -- The Leave-Takers, Dream Thoughts and Trysts, were published in 2004.
The children's novel Survival Days, loosely linked to the trilogy, was published in October 2005 and awarded the 'Readers' Review' first 10/10 score!

Latest publications in The Kuklos Trilogy:
The White Raven and the Oak< Spring 2006/i>
Rites 20th November 2006
Forthcoming PublicationsClosing the Helix (2007)

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