Published: 01/05/2011
ISBN: 9781848765313
Format: Paperback

"Absolutely gripping... An inspirational page turner. I enjoyed it enormously."

Sir Thomas Lucas, Scientist and Healer more

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About the Author

Penny has always loved story telling and was regaling children with tales of Wigapom when she was still a child herself. She knew she always wanted to teach and gained her Cert. Ed, at Goldsmiths Col... read more

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The Wigapom Quest
by Penny Gillman

When unhappy young Willerby dreams of a new name, experiences real magic and receives a strangely marked pulsating stone, he hopes his life is about to change. But it is only when he receives a similar stone with instructions to earn five more that his mystical Quest for Hidden Wisdom begins, giving him the opportunity to discover who he really is…

Each stone leads him further along a magical pathway of self-discovery through the land of his birth, the creative depths of his psyche and his relationship with his inner child. It also threatens his life and his relationship with his oldest friend, and leads to a future he never imagined in his wildest dreams.

As you read this gripping adventure, with its magical, monstrous and surreal events, you are encouraged to undertake your own personal and spiritual Quest into self-awareness, inner wisdom and the concept of Oneness.

The Wigapom Quest is a unique, exciting, multi-layered story, delivering its message of hope to the Child in every Adult and the Adult in every Child.

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Well, The Wigapom Quest is now an e book for all of those who love their Kindles!
We are told electronic reading is the way forward, and there certainly is an appeal to being able to carry your library around with you, although lets hope that the traditional book can still co-exist happily alongside its technological bed-mate - I'm sure there is room for both.
Whatever format you choose to experience The Wigpom Quest with heres wishing you a jolly good read and a wealth of insights into the bargain!

I set out to write this book to not only create a good adventure story for the Child in the Adult as well as the Adult in the Child but to thread it through with spiritual and psychological strands that, like Theseus's string in the Minotaur's labyrinth, would guide the reader out of the darkness of not knowing and into the light of understanding - journeying on a personal Quest that beckons us all, through the fabulous medium of storytelling. I hope you enjoy it.

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5.0 out of 5 stars (3 customer reviews)

5.0 out of 5 stars A romping good yarn!, 8 Aug 2011
By Goody2shoes - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Wigapom Quest (Paperback)
I was recommended this book as a holiday read, and took it away to rainy East Sussex in July. What good company it turned out to be!

It is almost impossible to pick up any book with a quest at its centre without drawing comparisons with the stories of Tolkien, Rowling and Lewis. Nevertheless, the author here has succeeded in producing a romping good yarn with very much its own personality. Fans of quest and fantasy stories will still find plenty that is familiar, including wizards, magic and mystical creatures; however, beyond those shared roots The Wigapom Quest is quite a different experience. Penny Gillman has a writing style that is conversational and accessible, which belies the satisfying complexity and scope of the story she weaves.

Underpinning the novel is a theme of self-discovery and spiritual self-awareness; this is clearly signposted on the sleeve notes and could put off some potential readers, fearing something a little `preachy'. But that would be unjustified, because for anyone after a thoroughly entertaining and fast moving adventure story, this is a genuine page-turner. Gillman has invented some terrific characters in Willerby, Fynn and Will. They undertake a well imagined and beautifully constructed journey which is sure to entertain as well as provoke thought about spiritual growth, fulfilment and one's place in the world. A terrific, warm-hearted read on many different levels - I loved it, and can't wait for some smart film-maker to pick up the movie rights!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't put it down! :), 12 July 2011
By CathCan - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Wigapom Quest (Paperback)
Fantasy books are not usually my style. I normally prefer my fantasy on the big screen (which is where I can see this story ending up!!) - however - The Wigapom Quest most certainly proved to be an exception to the rule.

I found this book to be engaging and gripping from the start. Set in a fantasy world filled with all the mythical creatures I could imagine, this is a story of the fight between light and dark magic. A young boy follows his destiny to take on the quest and defeat the evil sorcerer who spreads darkness and fear throughout the Kingdom, with the use of his own gradually building magical powers, and the help of new friends he meets along the way.

The Wigapom Quest is more than just a fantasy novel, which in itself alone is guaranteed to hold you in its grip right to the very end. The story also holds lessons and philosophies on life that we all could learn from. I found myself stopping and thinking on several occasions through the story, how these very lessons had helped me throughout my own life's journey. I believe that not only will the reader enjoy a fantastic story, but also recognise some outlook on areas of their own life that can be enhanced while they join our young hero on his own path of self acceptance, love, and personal growth.....

Maybe you will reconnect with the Inner Child buried deep inside you.... Or maybe you will simply enjoy a great read.... Not to be passed by! :)

Great job Penny Gilman! I look forward to the next :)
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5.0 out of 5 stars A thrilling adventure!, 16 Jun 2011
By maflegs1975 - See all my reviews
This review is from: The Wigapom Quest (Paperback)
I was lucky enough to be the first person to purchase this book directly from the author. I have never before read a spiritual fantasy adventure book but I LOVED this one! The first chapter sets out the history of the characters and their world, and from therein the story grabs you and never lets you go. I didn't want to put the book down! Lessons can be learnt from this story even though it is set in a fantasy land; the morals are specific to our everyday life. I would highly recommend this book and I can't wait for Penny to write her next one!

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