Published: 15/10/2010
ISBN: 9781848763708
Format: Paperback

'Disciple of a Dark God has all the power and imagination of Frank Herbert's Dune.' Eugene Ludlow. more

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As penance for past deeds, Edmund Glasby grew up in Morecambe and studied Egyptian Archaeology at University College London and Archaeology and Anthropology at Oxford – Morecambe provided him with a b... read more

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Disciple of a Dark God
by Edmund Glasby

Blessed are the meek, for they make easy targets’ is one of the doctrines Everus Dragonbanner lives his life by. Once a promising, law-abiding scholar in the fantastical city of Wyrm’s Port, his life and ambitions were cruelly destroyed. However, the welcoming arms of the Xethorn cult, of which murder and revenge are the main tenets, have provided him with the strength and determination to emerge from the wreckage of his past.

Assassin, cultist, zealot; his sole aim in life is to serve the evil god who enabled him to exact his revenge. Satiated by this act, but forever bitter and cynical, Everus does whatever is required by the cult, and more importantly by Xethorn, who contacts him directly. As far as Everus is aware, he has already killed those responsible for his downfall and asks only to repay his deity. To this end, and with assistance from a grave- robbing thief with his own agenda, he seeks the wards which will allow Xethorn to gain supremacy over the world. Arrogant, charismatic and cold-hearted, Everus begins to realise that even his cynical view of people is not dark enough, as he eventually discovers the true extent to which he has been manipulated.

Driven by the desire for vengeance, Everus stalks through his treacherous, unsavoury but sometimes blackly comical world in pursuit of the means to free his imprisoned god. Disciple of a Dark Godis a dark fantasy novel that does not pit good against evil, love does not triumph and loyalty is not rewarded.

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Book Signing in Dorking Waterstones, 27th December 2010 11am-3pm

"Disciple of a Dark God" is now also available from The Bookstore and Mostly Books in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


Round and About Magazine

Scream Magazine

An amazing take on a dark Fantasy story, Stays true to traditional Dungeons & Dragons but also puts a darker spin on it. One of my favourite books in the genre. One of my favourite things was the names. How ever i would like to see a book that expands on the religions and maybe puts some more depth into the surrounding world. Praying for a second one top follow the amazing characters.

by Dylan Williams


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